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Acrpss the Lake Worth Lagoon sits the city of West Palm Beach, Florida, this 55 square mile city having a relatively small population of 82,000 people, is situated on the Intercoastal Waterway.

Staying in West Palm Beach puts you right in the centre of things but costs less than staying in Palm Beach. You are right next door to minutes Palm Beach with it is luxurious resorts and beaches and slightly over a one and one half hour drive north of Miami Beach.

Stay in the West Palm Beach Marriott, 1001 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, (561) 833-1234, or the Crowne Plaza West Palm Beach Hotel, 1601 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, (561) 689-6400 (Note: only at that time the Crown Plaza is closed due to damage from Hurricane Frances, but will be reopening soon.), or the Courtyard By Marriott West Palm Beach, 600 Northpoint Parkway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407, (561) 640-9000, or the Hilton Palm Beach Airport (A 100% non smoking hotel.), 150 Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33406, (561) 684-9400, or the Radisson Hotel Palm Beach Airport, 1808 S. Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, (561) 689-6888. Additionally, there are a significant number of even less expensive hotels close to the town.

Play tennis on among the thirty six tennis courts throughout the city, play golf at some of the best golf courses in the state (There are tons of clubs and courses in the place.), go to the Palm Beach Zoo, 1301 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, Florida 33405, (561) 547-9453 with it is Over 23 acres of lush, tropical landscaped habitats that are home to over 900 animals from Florida, Central and South America, Asia and Australia, see the Norton Museum of Art, 1451 S Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, (561) 832-5196 with it’s distinguished permanent collection featuring 19th and 20th century European and American art, Chinese, contemporary art and photography, or see the South Florida Science Museum, 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, (561) 832-1988 with its dozens of fun, hands-on interactive displays, natural history exhibits and it is Planetarium. Dine in among West Palm Beach’s or Palm Beach’s fine dining establishments.

Shop at a number of the best shops on the planet in Palm Beach at West Palm Beach’s trendy boutiques or custom shops. Cruise the Intercoastal Waterway or go freshwater or saltwater fishing. Should you only wish to laze about on the beach and soak up sunlight or play in the warm clear waters, you’ll find miles of opportunity in the area. Take in the Clematis by Night, free fountainside concert show, where locals and visitors mingle among arts and crafts sellers while enjoying live entertainment. Check out SunFest, Florida’s largest waterfront music and art festival, which takes place in West Palm Beach each May. You’ll find numerous night clubs and dance clubs right in West Palm Beach, should you like night life.

Fort lauderdale and Miami is the city to be in Florida.

No it’s not

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That was a boring video

As long as you have money any place is great. Florida is not the place to live if you dont own a business.

I just moved here any good local rave clubs?

Thanks sweetie your very pretty

Music is by Superlounger called super lounge, Modern Jazz Cafe Vol. 2

Nice job on the video..

this does not look like hoodlife at all

Thanks for the great video, it took me back. I lived there for over 6 years. I am glad to be back in New Jersey, 10 mins away from N.Y.C. It was a great chapter in my life. Sadly, City Place is the only spot to hang. Very boring, unless you have tons of cash. Most people come back to the north east. Great music to, it added a great element. chill/acid jazz is the shit.

I miss WPB most days, believe me you can not appreciate the place if you have never left or don’t appreciate how well you have it. Boring is as boring does! thanks for the video, can visit from anywhere in the world like this 🙂

lol looks like shit

Why were there a few eerily pervy shots in there?

Yeah, so? There are nice parts and a lot of ghetto in South FL. What’s your point? It’s not really something to brag about or feel sorry for yourself about. Just take control of your life and move wherever you want to move to…

Whats a good place in Florida to move to? Low crime areas?

Theres alot of reasons why, but basically its overcrowded, its hard to find a job, the only people that live there now it seems are illegal immigrants and transplants from the northeast.

I never get tired of this vid… It was done so well!

Lol yall think wpb aint hood , cause this is at city place and the each but best belive it is ghettttoooo Down here expecially by my school

My aunt used to live there, then she moved to palm beach gardens.